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Welcome to ChicagosHardcoreGamers.com

New users need to register and login before accessing many features not available to unregistered users. Established in December of 2003, We are a group of mature individuals who enjoy gaming for the camaraderie and entertainment value of the games. For the most part we are here to have fun.
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TeamSpeak is your friend

TeamSpeak is your friendChicago's Hardcore Gamers' games are ran in conjunction with TeamSpeak.
You can download the lastest version of the TeamSpeak client from www.teamspeak.com

Once TeamSpeak is installed, connect to our server by using the following Address's:


Chicago's Hardcore Gamers' TeamSpeak is divided into many channels. Once you have joined TeamSpeak, you will default to the main lobby. From there you can choose from one of the many games channels.

Some of the benefits of TeamSpeak?
If the game server is full, we will gladly kick a non-TeamSpeak user for you, so feel free to ask us to make room. Just look in the TS channels for someone with a -C}{G- tag on their name and ask them to kick someone for you.

Players not in TeamSpeak can be kicked without notice or reason. By actively participating in our TeamSpeak service, you will avoid any gaming interuptions.

Finally, and most importantly:
TeamSpeak = Teamwork
Teamwork = Success
Success = Fun

We look forward to talking with you in TeamSpeak.
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